Hello & Welcome!

I am Jae Marie, founder of cute dog addicts

“I am a firm believer that the only way dreams come true is by working for it.”

…I believe this because my whole life I have been a dreamer, but it was not until I started taking real action towards my dreams that any of it started to come true. 

Cute dog addicts is the fruition of a life long dream of working for myself, combined with my obsession with dogs, sprinkled with my ambition to make a difference in this world. 


A little about me…

Let’s get the hard truth out of the way…I really am incapable of doing much without coffee. But once I have had my first cup (or three) I am always ready to face the day, what ever challenges it might bring. As of right this moment, coffee is yet to let me down.

My most recent completed challenge, aside from starting a business all on my own, was earning my BA in interdisciplinary studies from Liberty University. My focus  was on psychology and life coaching and some fine art. Now I am headed straight into a Masters program for Strategic digital Communications starting this fall (2018).

I have to admit, I have an addiction to learning as much as I do to dogs. I love to grow, and even more so, I love to teach and inspire others to stretch their minds and their abilities by helping them stretch their comfort zones. 

Some of my main focus’s are in digital marketing/SEO/affiliate marketing, social media strategy and apparently journalism and graphic design. (Our magazine is my happy little accident 😉 )

My main goals are to always keep learning, as to be able to help as many people and businesses as I possibly can. 

But what does this have to do with dogs and this website?!? 

Good question!

The answer is…everything! The world of social media dog influencers is growing by the minute. It is getting harder and harder to stand out in a crowd.  I have realized that there is a great need for quality mentorship and a place where people not only can get guidance, but be allowed to shine.

Cute dog addicts is a brand that serves both pet parents, and influencers alike. With a combination of authors, we have articles both on the blog and in  the magazine to help be the best dog parent as possible along with some glitter of entertainment from the social media dog world, while at the exact same time allowing those authors to put their best foot forward, giving them a chance to be seen, that they may have other wise not had. 

It is good for a portfolio, it is good for confidence, and it is good for the dog community. That is what cute dog addicts is all about. 

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