Dear Darby

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The Hungry Sibling

Dear Darby,

I just got a sister 3 weeks ago. The problem is every time mommy feeds us Zoey eats her food and mine too. I am a good girl and have good manners. I never fuss at her for eating my food. How do I get Zoey to stop eating my food without growling at her?

Mina the Maltitzu

Senseless Mommy

Dear Darby,

I find myself in a quandary lately. My mom is my world, but she does this weird routine in the morning that’s totally annoying. She tells me to “sit” before we go out for our morning walk. I find myself being very defiant of her request and it’s getting in the way of our mother/son relationship. Seriously though, asking me to SIT before a WALK doesn’t make any sense whatsoever! Darby what should I do because I am feeling the tension build between us and it’s making me feel dog gone depressed.



Hat Buffet

Dear Darby,

I try to be a good boy. I don’t counter surf that often, and I know to sit and wait before I get my food. My problem is I like to chew hats. I don’t chew shoes or socks or anything else (not like when I was a puppy). But if someone -especially Amy, my person -leaves a hat out, I can’t help myself. I’ve chewed four baseball caps and the lining of a riding helmet. I’ve also been caught walking away with knitted caps. Am I just a weirdo?


Rufus the Boxer-Rottweiler-SharPei mix.

Trimming Nail Trims

Dear Darby,

My human is always trying to trim my nails. What a pain it is to sit still while it is done. How do I convince them once every 6 weeks is really often enough?


Boo Boo Magoo 

Daddy Issues

Dear Darby, 

I’m having trouble with my dad. He won’t play with me when I communicate with him that I want to play. He just tells me no. I bark at home and even give him a love tap. What should I do? I think he hates me.



Puppy of the Pack

Dear Darby, 

I love to play with other doggos, but sometimes they don’t want to play with me. I LOVE to wrestle, because what dog doesn’t?! I’m new to this World and all the doggos I’ve met just stop playing after a few minutes. I keep trying to play, because obviously no-pawdy had paw-tapped out yet. Please give me some advice on how to make other doggos want to wrestle, because it’s embarrassing when they just ignore or snarl at me. I’m just trying to figure out Puppy Life here, and it’s no fun when you can’t play!


 Hank the Awesomest Puppy Ever

Pups Of Introverts

Dear Darby, 

My pack lives in this quiet guest-house. Our backyard fence lines up with the main house where this super friendly rescue pup Ziggy lives. How do Lizzie and I get our introverted parents to plan a play date for us with Ziggy’s parents? Sniffing under the fence is fun, but we all want to play! 

Thank you for your advice,

Bernie McSquare

Neutered In Love

Dear Darby,

There’s this girl dog across the street. We both keep trying to smell and meet each other but our owners say no! We had a plan to sneak out but I got neutered! Help. Will we ever be together?



Not so Friendly

Dear Darby,

I am just a puppy, 8 months old and a little spoiled. I sleep in bed with my humans and the younger humans let me play outside with them. I enjoy walks and car rides, and being picked up when I paw at my human lady’s legs. The other dog is much older and loves to play and snuggle with me. Darby, the problem is with the feline in this house. She is older and kind of chubby, so I think she would like it if she had someone to play with…. but she doesn’t ever want to play with me. I have tried tickling her tail, sniffing her behind and jumping on her and she just jumps over the gate and disappears down the hallway. When she does get close enough to play, she boos me on the head (which I like because I think she is going to play with me) and then she stops to eat or sleep. How do I get this old feline to play with me?

Confused by the cat,

Gypsy, the Shih tzu

Piles Of Poo

Dear Darby,

It’s my first time writing. I have two sisters who poo all over the yard and I KNOW my hooman thinks it’s me. I keep trying to eat their poo so I won’t get in trouble, but I get in trouble for that too! How can I make my sisters stop pooing in the yard?


Murphy the Pug

Pawrent Problems

Dear Darby,

My parents enjoy singing along their favorite songs. A lot. Mom is off-pitch as well as dad but he’s also tone deaf. Sometimes I think they are frustrated at The Voice contestant wannabes or something. My ears can’t take it anymore and they need to stop this. Please help.
Sincerely, Tortured by awful singers

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