What is your Pups Name And Social Media account?


What is YOUR name & where are you from? 

Sara- Buffalo NY

Is there a special meaning behind your pups name? 

Checkers is the first game my fiancé and I ever played while getting to know one another when we met.

All of our pups have something or many things special about them. Please share something special about your pup with us (talents, quirks, etc…) 

Checkers is a Therapy Dog for our county SPCA! His favorite sessions are in libraries where children read to him to better fundamental reading skills.

Are there any activities that you and your pup enjoy doing together? 

Checkers and I are training Checkers new baby brother, Marbles, together!

What is your pups favorite thing to do? (play fetch, go for walks, sports, swim, therapy dog, chase the cat…) 

Checkers is a nap enthusiast. He is also learning how to swim and loves it! It’s tough while swimming to hold up all his floof but he’s learning like a champ!

What made you decide to start a social media account for your pup? 

I mean, LOOK at him. 🤣

What are some of your favorite things about your platform of choice (instagram, twitter, facebook…) 

I like that I have a constant source of helpful dog owner tips from so many accounts! I also love the relationships I’ve built with some amazing women all around the US and World through our dogs.

Do you have any goals with your account (such as raise awareness about a cause, create a side hustle through affiliate programs, meet new people both locally and globally, create a full business from sponsored posts, sell a product, etc…) 

Honestly I let Checkers decide that. I try to depict my love and care for him and Marbles through our posts, whatever they have somehow gotten me involved in at the time, we give 100% to!

What is one thing that you wish you knew better about social media? 

Why follow trains still exist.

Who are three of your favorite accounts from your platform of choice? And why? 

@Zammypup – We’ve been following Zammy, a Sheepadoodle Therapy Dog who brings love and life to all he meets for quite some time, he helped motivate us to become involved in therapy as well! @Sushisaid – Her content is exciting and Sushi’s blue ears get us every time. @Xander_Cash – because he is my wingman. 😎

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