Your Pups Name and Instagram account


Family Members names:

Mike, Lori, Emma, Connor, Thomas, Bella 

Where you live:

St.Petersburg Fl

Type of breed:

Chesapeake Bay retriever 

Male or female:


Where/why did you get your pup?

We got her because we wanted another dog and we got her from a breeder in Kentucky 

Is there a story behind your pups name?

We just love the name Daisy

Anything special or unusual about your pup (talents/quirks)

Half of her tale is a darker brown and she can somehow fit under the bed

What do you like best about your pup?

She’s so funny 

How spoiled is your pup?

The most spoiled pup 

What else should we know about your pup? And/or how you pet has enriched your home/family/community?

Daisy is now a regular at the dog park, beach and Petsmart 

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