What is your Pups Name And Social Media account? 

Ellie , @ellie_thegoldendood ig

What is YOUR name & where are you from? 

Ashley, kelowna bc

Is there a special meaning behind your pups name? 

My boyfriend and I both researched names came up with a list of 5 each and we both had Ellie!

All of our pups have something or many things special about them. Please share something special about your pup with us (talents, quirks, etc…) 

Scares away deer from the backyard

Are there any activities that you and your pup enjoy doing together? 

We love swimming at the lake together

What is your pups favorite thing to do? (play fetch, go for walks, sports, swim, therapy dog, chase the cat…) 

Taking sticks for walks, trying (unsuccessfully) to befriend the neighbourhood cats, eating carrots

What made you decide to start a social media account for your pup? 

Sooo many pictures, thought I’d share them!

What are some of your favorite things about your platform of choice (instagram, twitter, facebook…) 

Making new doggo friends and pet parent friends.

Do you have any goals with your account (such as raise awareness about a cause, create a side hustle through affiliate programs, meet new people both locally and globally, create a full business from sponsored posts, sell a product, etc…) 

I like connecting with other pet parents all around the world.

What is one thing that you wish you knew better about social media? 

Hmm not too sure, always open to learn!

Who are three of your favorite accounts from your platform of choice? And why? 

@sullydoodleandsampson @daisydoodlethegoldendoodle @fender_musiccitydood frequent updates, cute pictures and captions

Ready for summer 😎

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