Hank & Masha

What is your Pups Name And Social Media account?


What is YOUR name & where are you from? 

Marine from LA

Is there a special meaning behind your pups name? 

Hank… came with the name from a rescue.

Masha full name MaShaVu is in Swahili and it means chubby cheeks. Some people know it as Masha and the Bear. I believe it’s a Russian cartoon.

All of our pups have something or many things special about them. Please share something special about your pup with us (talents, quirks, etc…) 

Hank is very smart. He knows a lot of commands. I think he’s part cat; he rubs himself on people and objects like a kitty does. He also tries to assume which command I’m going to give him so he does each one right after another just so he can get his treat lol Masha is an attention whore 😁 she’s a jumper/ hopper and I think she’s part bunny and maybe a little bit of parrot. She jumps on my shoulder and perches there. I can run errands as she’s hanging out on my shoulders.

Are there any activities that you and your pup enjoy doing together? 

Play!!! Love playing with my pups and LOVE watching them play especially Masha. She’s a silly pup and She is so darn Entertaining

What is your pups favorite thing to do? (play fetch, go for walks, sports, swim, therapy dog, chase the cat…) 

Anything that involves them coming with us when we go out… mostly playing, hanging out with us on the couch and walks.

What made you decide to start a social media account for your pup? 

So many people… strangers would tell us all the time that Hank is so cute & if he had an Instagram but we didn’t at that time. eventually We adopted Masha and people starting loving on her and that’s when I decided to make them an Instagram page 🙂

What are some of your favorite things about your platform of choice (instagram, twitter, facebook…) 

All the cute accounts we get to see!! And all the cute pictures of my pups I get to share with everyone.

Do you have any goals with your account (such as raise awareness about a cause, create a side hustle through affiliate programs, meet new people both locally and globally, create a full business from sponsored posts, sell a product, etc…) 

Oh we love to raise awareness. All awareness’s are important .We post things that are near and dear to our hearts. Latest post was for all the Cancer survivors…. We also love to meet new people. We love kind and humble accounts. Would LOVE for my pups to be “popular” insta models!!! Dog clothes are my weakness!!! Both Hank and Masha listen pretty well, don’t mind wearing clothes and are pretty good posers

What is one thing that you wish you knew better about social media? 

Nothing specific…feel free to laugh at me 😅I’m not that technology savvy so there’s a lot that I didn’t know it even existed lol

Who are three of your favorite accounts from your platform of choice? And why? 

That’s a hard one because there’s a lot!!! We do love @cutedogaddicts of course. I think the online magazine idea is brilliant! … I can’t pick a furr account 🙊


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