10 Homemade Dog Treats For Your Good Pup

When my puppy looks into my eyes I have this deep burning to give him lots of yummy treats. I can’t help it, and he gets to me all the time. It is like he knows what looks to use to get anything he wants. Treats are the weakness around our house (besides playing catch of course, because that is way more important then anything else, including work). For a five pound dog who is actually not motivated by food, he has had a vase variety of treats land in his belly, and he does not seem to have the desire to want that to stop any time soon.

The bad thing about wanting to keep my puppy happy with lots of yummy treats is when buying treats, you have to remember that not all treats are made equally, even if the packages look the same. If you pay attention to what you are feeding your pup, you realize really quickly that there are not as many safe and healthy treats on the supermarket shelves as it may seem. But if you have a pup anything like mine, eating the same treats day after day, just won’t do. (He is the same way with his dog food…5 lbs of nothing but opinions and attitude!…That’s my Darby, LOL)

Besides all that, winter is coming (Yes I said it!) and there will be lots of days to be stuck inside, and I love to cook, so why not add some puppy recipes to the queue ? I wanted to share this list of treats that I think will be a great head start on keeping my pup, and your good pup,- happy, healthy, and never bored with their rewards!

This list is a compilation from some of my favorite blogs and the links to the recipes will be under the photos. I hope you and your pup enjoy this suzy homemaker experience, even if you are not the everyday suzy homemaker!  (And lets both try not to eat our pups treats, cause some of these look so yummy I could just eat them right through this screen…Or maybe I am just hungry right now and should get my own snack LOL


10 Homemade Dog Treats For Your Good Pup

Do you have a favorite dog treat recipe that your good pup loves? Share with me in the comments below! 

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