5 Must Have Grooming Tools To Care For Your Dogs Non Shedding Coat

When I first knew that I was going to bring home a new puppy, I was not 100% sure what kind of dog I was going to get. I had my heart set on a Yorkie, but I also knew that I needed to keep my mind open to other breeds.

What I ended up with was a my little goober, a first generation Malitpom. Darby is a first generation mix of a Maltese (dad) and a Pomeranian (mom). I did my best to find out about this random mix breed, or designer dog as some would call them (some kennel clubs do recognize his breed). There was not a ton of information online, so I did my best to learn about each breed in itself.

I realized before I even brought him home that my puppy is not a “shedder” so to say. He does shed, but his loose hair does not fall off of his body, which is convenient for my spouse, who does not appreciate dog hair the way I do (In my world, dog hair is my glitter!). But we both knew there was a high possibility that dog hair was going to become a big part of our life. But as it turns out, it has, just not in ways that we expected.

I wanted to share with you some tips and tricks for a “shed-less” dog because with the pro’s most certainly come the cons, especially with a dog whom hates to be groomed (ahem…my dog…)

Let me tell you what happens to a dog who “doesn’t” shed: Mats, and lots of them, very frequently.

There are a few things that you have to do to help your dog with his coat, because if you do not take care of it on a regular (and I mean like at least a couple times a week, if not more) you are going to end up with a dog that any groomer would shave before they tried to save their hair. Most grooming shops have a motto of “humanity before vanity” meaning, if your dog is matted, they are not going to sit and pull on it for hours trying to prevent having to shave your dog. It is not fair to the dog. (I mean how would you feel if someone was tugging at your hair and skin for an hour… it is not likely to end well). SOO To prevent all from even having to happen, it is important to have a set of tools at home, even if you take your pup to the groomer; mats do not wait for appointments.


The Tools you need To Care For Your Dogs Non Shedding Coat

1. A brush

2. A metal comb

3. Cowboy magic conditioner

4. A Mat breaker

5. Shampoo

Well maybe 6 things. Make sure to give your pup lots of treats if they hate being brushed out :). My pupper loves these duck treats, and they are the perfect size for rewarding good behavior during grooming.

I want to talk about each tool with you for a second because as with anything, not everything in this world is made equally. I want you to know that you do not have to spend a ton of money to groom your pup at home. And you are not always going to look in the dog department to get your tools. Each one of the tools listed above is a link, so you can see what I am using exactly. 

I do want to tell you that it is suggested that you deal with the mats before you give a bath. This is because when the mats get wet, they actually get tighter and can hurt your pup even more.  If your dog is super matted because you didn’t know (I have been here) the best thing you can do is cut their hair, before their bath. Just use as short of a guard as you can with out completely shaving them, unless it is already matted to the skin. Then I suggest, this round, just take them to the groomer and let them take care of it. I did not add clippers as a main tool to have, because it is not a vital part of it, unless you are not taking your pup to the groomer at all. If you do decide you want clippers to keep at home THESE are good ones to have for quick touch ups and small dogs  But if you have a big dog, I would spend the extra money and order THESE, or just take your pup to the groomer if they need their hair cut.

 If the matting is not that bad (and use your own discretion, but remember that you are dealing with a living breathing creature that is pretty much your kid, so please use your heart and your brain) You can start with using the Cowboy magic conditioner. I use a lot more then it says on the bottle, but don’t worry, your dog will look greasy for a few minutes, but it soaks in the fur amazingly, and will help so much to break up the knots and get the loose hair out during brushing and when you use the mat breaker tool.

The mat breaker tool should be used with caution. It is a little tool, and it is shaped to not cut your dog, but it is a bunch of blades to break the knots. It is amazing at getting out the mats that the brush would never get, but you should not yank or pull on a mat no matter what, even with this tool. Take your time, and don’t go over one area more then five times in a row. Once you have done that, I suggest trying to use your brush, or even fingers to pull out the broken up hair, and whether or not it comes out, move to a different spot. You can create hot spots on your pup and that is not something you want to do.

The shampoo is the puppy formula from Oster. My pup is over a year old now, but I still use it, because he has a  sensitive coat and sensitive skin and it is gentle on both (not to mention it smells sooo puppy fresh). This is the only tool that I would say you maybe able to do better. I love this shampoo, and for now, I won’t be switching, but there are more expensive, higher quality shampoos that you might prefer, like Burt’s Bees tearless puppy shampoo  or Chi deep conditioning dog shampoo (this is what they use at the salon at Petsmart if you up great to their CHI package (I worked there as a bather for a short time, and have used this product, so it is easy for me to recommend it). 

The metal comb is an affordable tool to buy and it is great for using after a bath. If you apply a touch more of the cowboy magic, and then dry your pup you can do a quick brush with the brush I have linked in the list above, and then run your comb through your pups hair a few times to get out the loose hair that the brush didn’t grab. 



And That is That. If you condition with the cowboy magic one a week, and brush out your dog two-five times a week, you will have at least managed your pups coat between major grooms. Most dogs do not like to be groomed, so do not be surprised if your dog does not appreciate any of this. Start slow, offer treats for good behavior, and never yell at your dog. 

Are there any tools you use to groom your non shedding dog that I do not have mentioned here? I would love to hear them!

***There are affiliate links in this article that I may be compensated for, at no cost to you. I do this to help keep cute dog addicts thriving, I would never suggest for you to purchase something that I do not believe in.

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