10 Instagram Dog Accounts With (P)aw-some Content

Having a dog account on instagram can be very rewarding, it is a community that I am proud to be a part of, but just like anyone else that is a part of it, I have found that for most people standing out can prove to be a task! Everyone has a cute dog, so how in the world can any one rise through the noise?

It is a simple but not always easy answer. I have tips on all the moving parts of a successful instagram  account HERE, but every part really falls back on the idea that content is key. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite (but not an exhaustive list…there are so many!) accounts that have content that anyone can be inspired by. There is a lot to learn from these accounts from photos to written content, but each one that I am sharing with you today has something that is strong about their content that helps them stand out in a crowd. I hope you find inspiration from these accounts and realize how much work goes into each and every one. 



I’m just here for the donuts 🍩

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Dorian, my brave little Dorian. As much as he likes training with me and allowing that clever brain of his to work, I think that this is where he thrives. He loves the woods for the mystery it brings, the endless trails and the tales of the trees close to his heart. He adores the ocean for the soft voice of the waves and the thrill of being surrounded by nothing but water and the unknown. A part of him even appreciates the positives of the city, the kind souls who wish to greet him and the curious smells that linger in the evening. The mountains, however, hold a heavier meaning. He comes to life when he jumps out of the car, knows where we are instantly and finds the trail head in a matter of seconds. I think it is because he gets a lot of freedom here that he perhaps isn`t privileged enough to receive elsewhere. The wide-open landscape means I can spot any wildlife before he does, and despite the cows and sheep that graze there he is allowed to run ahead or linger behind as long as he remains attentive. He is in his own world out here, and I think that maybe his head floats upon the clouds and that there is no separation between reality and dreams. He earns his independence here, and occasionally comes to check in and show his appreciation, and by the way he climbs up great mountain walls with ease, I know that this is where he comes to find peace of mind. I always say that there is a lot going on in his mind, and I genuinely think he has a deep understanding of how the world works, and the mountains is where he gets to sort through them. He is a unique little thing, that is for sure. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, yes, but one with a heart of gold.

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Do you know of some amazing instagram dog accounts?I would love to see them! (and again, this is not an exhaustive list, I know so many creatives that it blows my mind, but this is a good taste of a variety of types of accounts, and pups!) 

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