Product Review: The Dapper Dog Box

It is no secret that subscription boxes of all kinds are taking over the Internet, and dog subscription boxes are a big part of it!

 I cannot not deny that I was pretty late to jump on the bandwagon of subscribing, but I had my reasons, and maybe you do to.

For me, I tend to spend money on my dog every time I leave the house. It really is to the point that when I come home with bags, my dog is quick to stick his head in them to find out what I brought him. He just knows.

What weighed my heart was how much my dog loves everything we bring him. Every toy is his favorite toy, every treat is worth eating…at least one (he is super picky but he always will eat at least one).

He appreciates all of his gifts. But what breaks my heart is that the only time he gets gifts from me is when he has had to sit at home lonely, probably crying, in order to get something special. I hated that.

Being that I am very active in the dog social media world, I kept seeing my friends posting pictures of their dogs loving their treats and toys from their dog subscription boxes and how happy they looked, and then I looked at my puppy who only gets goodies in reward for being sad; Then I was sad.

My puppy waits for me outside the bathroom door, usually curled up next to it, anticipating my return. I am my dogs whole world.

What makes the guilt worse? I am the person he relies on for love, comfort, food, toys, treats, and security. If I don’t give him a good life, no one will, and as much as it stinks thinking about it, his life is going to be short.

So I decided it was time for this dog mom to step up her puppy parenting game. It was time for me to decide which dog box I was going to commit too. I knew it was time for us to have something to get excited about as a nice surprise, when we did not have to be sad first. It just shows up to our door while we are at home. (There is tracking on the package, so I know when it is coming!) 

Even though there were a lot of choices in subscription based boxes, I made my purchase off of what my friends had to say, because that is what friends are for! I wanted to know what the best was, and why, so I asked! And my paw-some friends lead me to The Dapper Dog Box.

We have received two boxes so far. Darby gets so excited when the mailman shows up to our door with any packages, but usually we just have to tell him to shush and we open our packages for ourselves, and Darby eventually settles down and goes back to playing with his same old toys. 

But not when his Dapper Box comes! He gets to sniff it, and scratch at it, and then we open it up and see what is inside! I love the surprise just as much as it seems he loves it too! 

One of the things that I love about the Dapper Dog Box is how stylish it is. It doesn’t use the word dapper in its name for no reason. Not only are the toys very stylish and cute, but the bandanas we get are adorable and high class. One of my friends told me she gets the dapper box just because of how cute the bandanas are. I thought she was funny at first, but now that we have a couple, I know what she means. They are simple, and stylish, and good quality.

Obviously Darby doesn’t mind either way, but his level of cuteness shoots up and I just can’t get enough of seeing him in his dapper gear. 

I also want to talk about is the treats that come with the box. Every bag we have received have been wheat free, corn free, soy free, and even one bag said it was free of salt. 

The flavors are creative and with the pups taste buds AND health in mind. They also are all easy to break and crumble for easy chewing, or for using small pieces for training. I think this is great especially for those pups who have troubles chewing hard treats, and for pups who like to eat to fast! It is hard to find treats that are made with this quality…and in the USA!

In our latest box there was an extra that I wasn’t really expecting which was a beef tracea bone, but it was a big surprise because the first box we only got 2 bags of treats, two toys and a bandana. The second box had all of that PLUS the bone. 

I wasn’t sure what it was or if it would be good for a dog, but with some research I found that it actually is really good for dogs, especially older ones with joint issues. HERE is an article about it if you are interested in knowing more. 

I did give it to Darby, watching him closely, because we have had issues with bones in the past. He likes to bite off big chunks and try to swallow them whole. But he seemed to do good with this bone, and he spent a lot of time with it, which tells me he really loved it. 

So my final thoughts on the Dapper Dog Box is this:

My dog loves it, I love it, the price is good, especially compared to some of the other subscriptions boxes. My dog looks dapper in the bandanas, and it is a ton of fun opening the box and watching him explore each product and get excited with his new toys. And then of course the treats being high quality and made in the USA are the icing on the cake for me. 

With the quality of the products that are included and the thought and creativity  that goes in each box, it is a win for my household. If you were to ask me If I would recommend this product, my answer would be yes, all day. 

If you are ready to bring the same experience to your dog you can set up your subscription with The Dapper Dog Box by clicking HERE

This post includes an affiliate link to a product that if you purchase I may earn a small commission from, at no extra cost to you. I did NOT receive this product free nor was I paid in advance to write this post. 

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